Sourdough And Sausage Stuffing


24#- Sour dough loaves of bread cut to half inch dice, left out overnight to dry
6qts- Carrots, small diced, sweated
6qts- Celery, small diced, sweated
10qts- Yellow onions, small diced, sweated
10#- Sweet Italian sausage, cooked and crumbled to small dice size
2C- Sage, chopped
1C- Rosemary, chopped

4Gal- Dark Turkey Stock, cold
24ea- Eggs, whole
2C- Roasted garlic puree
Salt and pepper to taste


Mix bread, carrots, celery, onions, sausage, sage and rosemary together. Separately, mix stock, eggs, garlic puree together with an emersion blender then season with salt and pepper. Adding 1 gallon at a time mix the stock into the breading by hand until all ingredients stick together when squeeze together in one hand. Let rest for 30 minutes. Cook in two inch hotel pans at 350 uncovered until 160 degrees.